18 August 2009

Unending Cycle

Since nothing else seems to keep him down, I am willing to go Buffy on Brett Favre's ass. Now. Right now. Before we have to endure another whole year of annoying and completely unnecessary Favre "news"/opinion. I am neutral about which of the methods would be most effective:

1. Stake through the heart and reburial in consecrated ground.

2. Silver bullet.

Or maybe we just need to call the Frog Bros out of retirement. I'm pretty sure JBro has their numbers on speed dial.

11 August 2009


Loyal friends and readers and reader/friends: um. Sorry about that. I wasn't planning on taking a sabbatical for over a month. I'm not even totally sure why it has happened.

Part of it is summer. Summer makes me restless and I have a hard time concentrating.

Part of it is that I am awfully distracted right now. I have a lot of big, important, life things on my mind. And they aren't really the kind of things that I blog about. (Thank your lucky stars for that, people.) That has been making it hard to think, let alone write, about much else.

Part of it is that I'm teaching a class this summer that I am finding personally and professionally challenging.

Part of it is that I'm not seeing movies, or going out much, or listening to much new music, and so I don't feel like I have much to write about.

But I think I'm coming out of it. I have several things that I would like to discuss with you all. These topics include, but are not limited to:

* Frank Black's opening act at the Aladdin Theatre last week.

* The Limits of Control, The Brother's Bloom and Children's Books (if that sounds like the title of a boring academic article, you are right. But you will read it and love it).

* Something weird I have recently realized about my musical taste.

* Swapping book suggestions with my mom.

* Mountain cows.

Thank you all for still checking in with me, and for actually caring about whether I write. I don't know if I deserve it, but I feel awfully loved.