18 November 2008

A Note for OMD

If he is reading--

I didn't want to take up more space on YOUR blog, but I did want to say that, upon further reflection, I'd add both Paul Rudd and James Garner to my fantasy dinner party. The guest list already includes (and these picks should be no surprise to anyone), Henry Rollins, Chuck Klosterman, Kevin Smith, Crispin Glover and Jim Rome. I would put HR and CK on different ends of the table, of course, and JR near CK, since I can see JR being a controversial figure (based on anecdotal information about the propensity of smart guys to hate him, and based on the fact that I know from reading CK that he doesn't mind him so much). I'd put JG at the head of the table, and PR in the middle, since he seems like a guy who could bring people together.

If I made too much, I'd also invite Seth Green, although I know that he'd be an afterthought.

Please don't anyone post a comment about how there are no women on this list. I am aware that I am a traitor to my gender. But this is MY fantasy dinner party. You can invite Jane Addams to yours.


jbro said...

James Garner? Really...Really, though? Everyone knows Rome would be a complete Douche at dinner C'mon!!

KRD said...

Maybe. And as Blake has so convincingly argued before, he probably smells like a cologne factory. But I find him entertaining. I think the real problem here is that you are jealous, and want to ALSO be invited to my fantasy dinner party and think that if you can convince me to UNinvite Jim Rome, you could take his seat. No dice, J-Bro.