19 April 2009

Losing It

Portland thinks she's Austin this week. It was in the upper 70s today, and will be tomorrow as well. I have my bedroom windows wide open in hopes that it will cool down enough so I can sleep, and the frogs are really active tonight, which means that I'll have to eventually close the window so that I can block out some of their amorous noises. I finally saw one, and it wasn't even 2 inches long, which makes the gigantic noise they make all the more strange.

This is an unseasonable reminder that summer is just a few months away, and as I listened to the sounds of people doing yard work, and kids playing outside today, it suddenly remembered the 4th of July. I don't mean that I had a memory of a particular 4th of July. I mean, I remembered that such a thing exists. I had completely forgotten all about it.

That's a weird thing to totally forget about.


Marcus said...

Insignificant days are easy to forget.

Your neighborhood frogs are out of control. Turn up your A/C high enough to cause global warming, which will in turn kill all of the frogs and allow you to sleep with the window open at night, which may be too warm with the climate change, but then you can always turn the A/C up higher.

KRD said...

You know what's really weird about those frogs? That g--awful noise is their version of "Sexual Healing" or "Feel Like Making Love". For all we know, one of those frogs out there is the frog equivalent of Al Green or Frank Sinatra or Dave Matthews.

Marcus said...

Sinatra? More like Jimmy doing a rendition of "Everybody Hurts" like Billy Corgan. In falsetto. While drunk. With a sinus infection.

qwanty said...

Jimmy? You mean Rimmy? You guys call him Jimmy?

And if the song is "Feel Like Making Love", I think this means that a handful of those frogs are the frog version of Bad Company. Eeew.

KRD said...

I'm not saying I like Bad Company. Because I don't, really. But I do not turn the dial when that song comes on the radio. Even tho' the phrase "making love" makes me slightly sick to my stomach.