13 July 2010

Greetings From Lobster Girl

I. Am. So. Burnt.

Ow. I just pulled the sheet over my burning hot, super sensitive body. (And I do NOT mean this in a sexy way. I mean this in a totally NOT sexy way.) Ow.

Today my mother and I took my wards, and her two wow (wards of the weekend) out to the Indian Reservation to swim. Um. Maybe that sounds weird. We went to the pool fed by natural hot springs at Kah-nee-ta, the resort on the Warm Springs reservation. This is a favorite summer activity of ours. My grandmother (mother's mother--whose birthday would have been tomorrow, poetically) used to take us. She would put together a kick ass picnic lunch and we would spend the WHOLE day by the pool. This is a tradition that we've kept up with the kids in our lives. (OK. Our picnic today wasn't totally awesome, but the day was.)

The best part of going to Kah-nee-ta--every time the best part--is getting home at night. Super worn out. Super hungry. A little pink. Tonight I'm supper tired. I would be supper hungry if I had a normal person stomach. And I'm a lot pink. But it still feels really, really good. (On the inside. Because on the outside it hurts like hell.)

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