13 December 2011

and my lips, they don't kiss, they don't kiss the way they used to

Tonight, as I was driving home, I was listening to an old mix that had this Killers song on it. And I was reminded of something that I have thought a lot about before: there are songs and bands (entire band catalogs!) that belong to someone.

Here is what I mean: I cannot hear the Killers or Arcade Fire without thinking of one person. And, even more specifically, one night I spent with this one person. We listened to Arcade Fire that night. But I associate the Killers with him because he is the one that told me, before I ever heard them, that I would love them. And he was right.

But there are others. People I don't see on a regular basis, or people I don't see ever, that are literally with me every time I hear their song. The odd part about this phenomenon is that I think that most of the people who own music for me probably don't know it.

Do you recognize yourself? For each of the following songs, there is only ONE person that I think of, or will ever think of. These are YOUR songs, people. (To make it easy, I'll give you a hint.)

*"At My Window, Sad and Lonely" (You are a sad, sad bastard.)

*"These Days" (You cry in coffeeshops.)

*"When the Children Cry" (You drink slurpees and look at Christmas lights with me.)

*"Okkervil River Song" (We have never heard this song together, but it makes me think of you growing up on the James.)

*"More than a Feeling" (I don't know what to say about this one. You either know who you are, or you don't.)

*"Daydream Believer" (I'd sing it for you at karaoke.)

*"Self-Esteem" (Turn it up. Roll down the windows. Sing along.)

*"All I Want is You" (There is a time when I wanted was you. But you would have made me a U2 widow.)

*"Go Places" (I don't see you anymore. And I don't want to. But I will say that your appreciation of this song persists as one of the best things about you.)

*Anything by the Pet Shop Boys. (I mean, c'mon. How much time did I spend in your bathroom? How could the Pet Shop Boys NOT remind me of you? Of course, I can't hear Rufus Wainwright without thinking of you either.)

*"Your Love" (You are 7 and 9, and you both have this song on your I-pods cuz of me.)

True Confession: I would love to know that I shored up some music for someone else. And maybe something other than the Singing Nun version of "Que Sera Sera."


Josh Duggan said...

Holy shit. You're alive.

James said...

WOW! Good to see you posting again, even though i missed it by a couple of months. I know mine! LOVE YOU!

ingrid said...

Dude!! I miss you. I think about you. Let's talk?