27 April 2008

As Promised, I Will Start Providing Images

Behold the Lady E, on her third birthday. I almost missed this, but then Frontier Airlines TOTALLY screwed up my flight back to Austin, so my mom came and picked me up so that I could go to Chuck E. Cheese with my brother, sister-in-law, E, her little brother (call him whatever you want, I prefer "Guy") and my parents.

If you have not had the pleasure of Chuck E. Cheese in the past 15 years, let me assure you that you DON'T really want it. It's actually pretty awful. The only cool thing about it is that they now have these automated ticket counters. You feed them into the machine and you get a receipt in return with the total number of tickets you've entered. It makes the whole choosing-prizes process much easier.

I personally spent the entire night playing skee ball. Since the skee ball machines don't give many tickets (and the ones that you DO get you get by actually being good at it), kids steer clear. Fine with me. I never had to wait for a lane. And I would much rather play 25 consecutive games of skee ball than run around trying to get as many tickets as possible, just to get a lame chuck e. cheese ruler.


qwanty said...

Awwww. Cute.

Maybe next you can post the picture of the knee socks and shorts guy. He probably isn't reading your blog.

KRD said...

The knee socks/shorts guy is not nearly as cute as my niece, particularly when she's eating a piece of 'za as big as her face.

But the real problem is this: I don't have a digital version of that picture. Which is hilarious.

But everyone has an open invitation at any time to come over and view it first hand. I'll even throw in some hazy pictures of Qwanty in my mother's old hippie dresses on the porch of the 96th Court house.