25 April 2008


So-----I know that I already wrote today, and I'm starting a dangerous precedent by actually providing some sort of regular content, but I have had a delightful evening, and felt like writing about it.

After a week of temperatures and humidity that were too high, it is finally storming tonight--the air is cool and clean and there is rain (but not too much of it) and some truly amazing lightening, which, once I am done writing this I am going to watch out the skylight from my bed.

Tonight Jennifer and I dressed up and went out to dinner at the Eastside Cafe to celebrate the beginning of her writing successes (some contest wins for her first two novels and acceptance to the Tin House summer program) and to whatever small help I've been to her as her amateur creative editor and literary agent. (Seriously amateur. Since I have no chops whatsoever in either of these fields.) Still, she is on her way to being a serious literary talent, as far as I am concerned, and I'll be awfully happy to be able to say in the future that "I knew her when . . . " and "one time she took me out to dinner."*

We had a lovely meal, and too much wine (which I am sure shows not at all in this post) and we talked about mothers, geniuses, Steve Almond (one of her choices of people to workshop with at Tin House. How jealous am I about that.), the relationship between feminism and hetero sex (a topic about which I have a lot to say), new cars, 12 Angry Men and restaurants that serve Brie appetizers. We both had some costume malfunctions (I was wearing a dress that consistently needed readjustment so that I remained covered and she lost a shoe in a puddle on the way to the car) and her husband called to make sure that we were doing alright in the storm.

All in all, it was a perfectly lovely evening. I don't write much about sort of everyday happenings, but sometimes you have a night that you know that you are going to remember for a long time and that you are going to think back on nostalgically, and this was one of those nights. I think that it is sometimes nice to acknowledge those things when they happen.

I hope that you all had equally lovely Friday nights.

*By the way, if any of you are looking for an amateur (although rather talented) literary agent/creative editor, I do work for cheap. Wine and dine me and I'll make things happen. Just ask Jen. Or Dr. Awesome.

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