15 May 2008

I'm Woman Enough

to explain J-Bro's last comment. She sent my brother this you tube clip of scenes from The Notebook set to the the song "Right Here Waiting" and then he sent it to me and to Mikey J. I didn't watch it for awhile, but when I did, it made me cry.

Ok, listen, I'm not proud of that. But the song came out my freshman or sophomore year of high school and it reminds me of being 13 and of dances (because I still went to school dances then--it was before I "graduated" to hanging out at Red Robin after games with friends who drove). And it is a truly emotionally manipulative song to boot.

Also, for the record, I have never seen The Notebook, because I have sort of a policy against films made from NYT bestsellers. It's almost never a good idea. BUT, Ryan Gosling also makes me cry. As J-Bro is well aware, I couldn't even watch the end of Half Nelson because I was so upset and disturbed by it. I saw Lars and the Real Girl 3 times in the theater. But the thing that really gets me is The Believer--in which he plays a self-hating Jewish neo-Nazi. (If you know me well enough you probably understand why this is one of my favorite movies ever.)

Bottom line: I can't take Richard Marx AND Ryan Gosling at the same time.

And, really? Blake actually likes G. E. Smith? For all these years I thought he was being ironic. When we were kids we'd watch SNL and he'd get really excited when they would show G. E. Smith playing on the outros. He'd get even more excited if G. E. Smith was actually in a scene (which would happen every now and again).

God, we are a family of people with really bad taste.


james said...

I kinda like G.E. Smith, too. I hated him on SNL because of his stupid rock faces, but his bright guitar work on Rain Dogs and H2O really saved those albums from plunging into complete darkness. My friend's uncle used to have a saying, "You don't fuck the face," and I suppose that's kinda how I think of G.E. Smith. Of course, you also have to not think about that song he had in the 90's called "Get a Little."

I have seen the Notebook, but I doubt you would like it. Nicholas Sparks is sort of the literary equivalent of Thomas Kinkade. Some people might say that he has a slightly darker side because main characters die in his stories, but you know that in Sparks's little mind, that's a happy ending because they end up in Jesus's arms.

I still cry every time I see the final montage of the first season finale of the OC, even though I've seen it something like 10 times and know exactly what is going to happen. I love a good montage, though, whether people are building stuff, locking and loading weapons, feeling sad because they miss the person they've just fought with, whatever. If it's in a montage, it's gold.

KRD said...

Amen. The montage is a great thing. The A-Team had good montages. But my favorite montage of all time is in Better off Dead. It's to a Howard Jones song. You can't go wrong with that.

qwanty said...

Re: G.E. Smith's rock faces:

Y' don't look at the mantelpiece when y' poke the fire.

Hooray! I did it.

james said...

I almost have to break them down by category:

Fight montage: Karate Kid to "You're the Best"

Weapons montage: Arnold Schwarzenegger preparing to single-handedly fight the Predator

Loneliness montage: Rushmore to "I am Waiting"

And so on. I do love the montage in Better Off Dead. I love it when they ski between each other's legs. Not suggestive at all.

Old Man Duggan said...

With the Marx, I'm sure it's the hair. That shit's powerful.

As for The Notebook, it wasn't as horrible as I thought it was gonna be, for whatever that's worth.

As for montages, sure the Soviets can lay claim to ushering the montage into being, but Rocky uses it to kick their asses in spirit in Rocky IV, with the training sequence not only winning the Cold War but ripping the mantle of best montage from Eisenstein's cold dead hands.