01 May 2008

Postscript to Uncle Moo

I just read the blogs. I'd give you all the prizes just for not being a giant effing windbag like the rest of those guys. God, I hate hunters (Cecil excepted, but just because, as my niece has pointed out, he is a "cute man.").

And that poem did make me cry. Because it was hilarious.

But you are disturbed. You do know that, right?


Marcus said...

Wow, I never expected that my comments would evoke such deliberation.

The punks over at Archery Talk were obviously unimpressed by the quantity and quality of the blogs, so they extended the contest another three weeks. So my odds took a huge hit...not happy.

Well, sorry if I ruined Secretary for you, but if you don't see that film as a metaphor for larger, grander ideas, well, I'm disappointed in your perceptive skills. And comparing an S&M movie to the gospel message should make things MORE interesting, I would think.

And as far as "plugging" my blogs...exactly how big is your readership? Should I be paying royalties/commissions?

Running is ridiculously cool. And running in Oregon is even cooler. Your dad and I have had many a conversation about the hay-days of Hayward Field. I need to read those books.

Qwanty will understand. It has been many, many years.

Marcus said...

Wait...Uncle Moo?

KRD said...

I swear that one of the kids called you that at some point, and I've always thought it was funny.

My readership might be vast. Or it just might be very high quality.

And running is ridiculously cool. So is Eugene. Eugene is maybe the coolest place ever. I'm obsessed with it now

Marcus said...

Then we should take a trip down to Eugene, leave a pair of old running shoes where Pre died, and go for a run.