20 August 2008

Real Time Report

I am currently sitting at a coffee shop staring at a man who is a dead ringer for a fitter version of Brando at 60. He doesn't talk like him though, which is good, because I'm tripped out enough already by the physical similarities.

Also, a weather report for those of you not in Portland right now. It's raining like crazy, and it is gray and cold. I think it is only about 66 degrees out right now. It looks like it could be anytime between late October and April. But not August.

But I'm not complaining. Just reporting.


jbro said...

After the last few days of ungodly heat, and having no AC, I welcome the coolness and rain...

You know it's funny, but more often than not I find myself in a conversation with people about the weather, I kind of hate it, but yet it always seems appropriate here; it's not just small talk.

KRD said...

Listen--there is a cliche about the weather being a light topic of conversation--what you talk about when you are not talking about anything. But that really does a disservice to weather. Because, other than our own biology, it is probably the thing that we humans are the most at the mercy of. Far from being a trivial topic, it is actually one of the most fundamental and important things that we can talk about--regardless of the fact (maybe because of the fact) that we have very little control over it. So talk away, I say.