13 September 2008


True story. Last night I got a text message from J-Bro that consisted of the word blog typed over and over again. This is not the first time she has pressured me. My recent writing hiatus has also prompted promptings from other readers.

The good (?) news is that I have a list of things that I have been needing to blog about. (And I use the term "need" very loosely.) Now that part of my employment picture is settled for the next few months, I have the time/energy to devote to the Make-Ready.

However, at this very moment, I have limited time--so I'll just provide this little nugget and promise you more to follow.

Earlier this week I went to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona with Keri T. I thought the film was totally delightful (maybe more on that later). But something really funny happened while we were there. When we entered the theater, we were the only patrons. But by the time the film started there were about 4 other parties seated. The most interesting of these was a group of 4 seemingly straight guys in their mid-twenties. As soon as they walked in, I started to wonder about how THAT came about. How did this group of guys decide to see this movie together on a Tuesday night? Weird, right?

As I was puzzling it out, the trailers started. The second or third trailer was for that remake of The Women. You know, the one with every female actress in the world in it. This is not a film that I am going to see. And I would bet that it isn't a film that Keri T. is going to see either. But we sat quietly and patiently during the trailer. At the end of it, however, one of the 4 guys in front of us said, a little too loudly, "I'd rather slit my wrists . . . "

The other guys laughed kind of quietly, but I laughed not quietly at all. Because that is funny. Not funny because it was really witty or anything. But funny because this guy apparently is the kind of guy who WOULDN'T see The Women, but WOULD come see V C B with 3 of his buddies on a Tuesday night.

I appreciated the unintentional irony.

(And before I get a bunch of comments that make this point--I sort of figured out the motivation eventually. These guys clearly expected the film to have significant girl on girl action--involving Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz. Hmmm. That had to be sort of a disappointment.)


James said...

I saw that movie on the Upper West Side, Woody's turf, with a theater full of former yuppies who are now in their 60's, Woody's people. I don't think I heard anything funny from any of them, although the people next to me found it necessary to jibber jabber all the way through the damn thing.

I was really happy to see Penelope Cruz in a movie that compared to her work in Pedro Almodóvar movies, in fact, the whole thing reminded me of Almodóvar lite.

Remind me to thank J-Bro for giving me the idea to text you "blog blog blog." Also, it was lovely seeing you on Monday! I love you!

qwanty said...

You have fans! Some of whom tell you that they love you in their comments! Wot's it like, Keif?

Old Man Duggan said...

I've gone to Woody Allen movies with three other straighy guys before. Not thinking it is that weird, honestly.

And guys want girl-on-girl action to happen in every movie. We'd have wanted it to happen in the middle of Rambo. That's a universal constant.

Also, posted a response to your comment in my comments section.

About time you blogged again...

KRD said...

James: Love you more!

Qwanty: Freaking fabulous is what it's like. And if I'm Keif, does that make you Mick? Can we work this into our screenplay, or our musical? It maybe could be a dream sequence. We could play different famous male musical duos--John & Paul, Paul & Art, Steven & Joe, Gene & Paul (God, there are a lot of Pauls, ain't there?), Jimmy & Robert and, of course, Slash and Axl. THAT would be worth reprising my Axl Rose dance.

OMD: I am glad to hear that you and your straighty friends are so comfortable with your sexual orientation. (Of course, you used the next sentence to reassert your heterosexuality with your ridiculous assertion about girl-on-girl action in Rambo.)