25 September 2008


Hey guys. Sorry about the most recent hiatus. I have been horribly sick, and started work, which means leaving the house by 6 am every morning. I have not had to do this since--um--I've NEVER had to do this. Not even in high school, when we started at an ungodly 7:15 or something like that.

Needless to say, I have not been feeling very energetic or inspired.

However, I could not possibly go to bed tonight without adding my CONGRATS! to the Beavs, who managed to do two of the only things that can make me happy in the realm of college football.

1. They have screwed with the BCS poll in a big way for this coming week, and in a Thursday night game, no less. And live on ESPN. The only thing I really love about college football is a good upset, particularly one delivered by the Ducks or Beavers.

2. They managed to pull said upset on USC, which is the one team in all of college football that I actively hate (as opposed to the simmering antipathy I have for the vast majority of programs).

Well done, gentlemen.

Between this post and my last one, I think that I have blown all of my sports opinions for the whole year, so something different next time. I'll give you a teaser about what I'm thinking, so you can look forward with great and eager anticipation.

For those of you who can't get enough
Here's a future blog hint, though it's rough:

He's gathered great fame,
But I don't know his name--
Is it Diddy or Daddy or Puff?

Check back!


Marcus said...

Quick - who are your picks in for the NL East and Wild Card?

I used to read Bob Costas' blog, but the Make-Ready has supplanted the short one.

KRD said...

Even though a) I know you are making fun of me and b) I hate baseball, the answer to your questions are:



Milwaukee (although I'd like to be able to say the Mets, but I don't think that's where the smart money is)

Marcus said...

Adolf Hitler :: the Holocaust


Hating baseball :: torturing newborn Panda cubs

James said...

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