08 December 2008


As much as I like to believe that I am the best storyteller in my family (immediate family, Marcus. Calm down.), the truth is that I have some competition. The youngest brother can spin a yarn or two, and even Rimmy occasionally can pull out a good one.

But we're all going down to my niece, who at three and a half can tell some whoppers.

If you see her ask her about:

*How Emily doesn't want to be her friend anymore cuz Ella stole the "E" from her name.

*How the little boy with the "black skin" (I think he's actually Indian or something) gave her his fruit snack. (In her defense, she has the most translucent of skin. EVERYONE looks like they have black skin in comparison!)

*About how she was a pumpkin when she was a baby.

*About what she is going to do when she gets older and drives a Toyota like Pal.

Only at your own risk should you ask her why she wants a high chair for Dodie (her stuffed bear) for Christmas. TMI, my friends.


Marcus said...

That scrawny firecracker is a natural.

Me: "Why doesn't your brother talk? He just stares at me and smiles, but never has anything to say."
E: "He lets me do the talkin, because he's just like Pal."

KRD said...

Is this a true story? Because if it is, the child is more of a genius than I thought.