08 December 2008

Just So's There's No Misunderstanding

I don't have a thing for Clint Howard.

For the record.


James said...

Thank god you said that! I read that the way you intended, but memory is so faulty, especially mine for some things, that some day I would probably be shopping, and I'd see an Eaglebauer Enterprises backpatch somewhere, and I'd be all like "Hey, the KRD loves Clint Howard!" and I'd buy it for you to put on your denim vest, and eventually you'd become Clint Howard dude the same way I became Clockwork Orange dude in high school, because my family didn't know what to get me for holidays, but knew I liked A Clockwork Orange, so I ended up with a bunch of Clockwork Orange t-shirts that I wore to school, and all the heshers started calling me Clockwork Orange dude instead of Stobie.

My comment is longer than your post! Sorry!

James said...

That "somewhere" is Spencer's, of course.

Marcus said...

Clint Howard > Jason Mewes.

Old Man Duggan said...

Are you sure about this?