20 January 2009

If you think that was bad--

First of all, thank you to those who responded to my coffee outrage with appropriate support (except for you, Duggan. Not funny. I need to believe in someone.) But I have to say that I didn't realize that the post was as bitchy as it was until I read J-Bro's response. It gots to be bad when a tough-as-nails girl like Brownie tells you that you are snarky.

That said, let me rage on you all some more. You can file this in the "people are assholes" folder.

Yesterday the Kare-bear had surgery. Don't worry--it was just day surgery and she's hobbling around just fine. BUT. I went to pick her up in the truck, which is for sale (a fact important to the story to follow).

All the way down Sunnyside I kept thinking that someone was honking at me, although I dismissed this as paranoia since there was no reason for someone to be honking. I turned into the clinic parking lot and the honking followed me, and then pulled up next to me at a stop sign. The people in the car motioned for me to roll down my window. I thought maybe they were kindly going to inform me that I had a tail light out. Instead the man driving said, "Your truck is for sale?" I answered that the truck was indeed for sale, but that it wasn't mine, it belonged to my parents. I then TOLD HIM that I was picking my mother up from surgery. I thought that this would be the end of the conversation. But no. His wife asked me how me how much it was. "I don't know--I'm just picking my mom up from surgery in it." Then the guy asked how many miles it had on it. I answered, and then reiterated that I wasn't selling it, but rather just picking my mom up from surgery in it. Then the guy says, "Can you take down my number and have her call me?"

Seriously? I mean, I know that she was just having a little day surgery, but HE didn't know that (the hospital is right next to the clinic). It could have been something serious. And it was cold, and she was waiting, and this idiot is delaying me with conversation about a vehicle that I'm not even selling. So I told him that I didn't have a writing instrument (which was true) and then he said that it was alright--he'd had his wife jot down the number on the sign when we were sitting at the light.

SO WHY WAS HE EVEN BOTHERING ME IN THE FIRST PLACE? And, really, why would someone continue this conversation after being told that 1) the person that they are talking to is not the seller and 2) the person is picking up the seller, who has just had surgery. And then, after being informed of these facts more than once would you continue to continue the conversation?


(Thank you for reading this rant. The next post will be about something happy. Bryan Adams, and the music of Bryan Adams, to be specific.)

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