20 February 2009

Weird Sad

So, this morning I drove into work very early (left the house a few minutes to 6) and caught the very beginning of the last Adam Corolla Show broadcast, and then I caught the last 20 minutes as well.

And what I have to say about it is that I am weirdly, weirdly sad. I was sad when Corolla left Loveline to take this job in the first place. In my 20s I often would find a reason to drive across town after 10, just to listen to the show in the car. Then, this fall when I came back to Portland and began working very early in the morning (or, at least, very early in the morning for a girl like myself), I started listening to Ace every morning. On Fridays, recently, when I hang out with Mikey J, part of our hang out time has been devoted to talking about what happened on the show during the week. When the announcement came yesterday that the show was definitely ending today, Mike sent me an email expressing his regret for it.

I guess I hadn't realized how much this show has contributed to my well-being over the past few months. You may think it is trite, but it is a lot easier to get up and face a half hour commute (in the dark, and often on frosty roads) when you know that there is entertainment a push-button away. Not only that, but it's entertainment coming from a guy (and, heck, a whole crew of guys/gals) who is just kinda a good guy. A guy who deserves the success that he's had. A thoughtful and committed guy. It's going to feel like a real loss.

Sure, I still have Rome to get me home after work, but I'm going to miss my radio ice cream sandwich. (Corolla/sweet and creamy teaching/Rome) Hopefully it won't be long before he finds another media home.


qwanty said...

The friend in me is sad that you're sad, but the cranky person in me who lists Adam Corolla as number two on the List of Celebrities I Would Like to Throw a Water Balloon Full of Tepid Soup At is feeling kind of good right now. And obviously, the grammartarian in me is letting the prepositions dangle because it's Friday.

Why is the show ending? Has he finally recognized that he's exhausted all his material on how the Steve Miller Band sucks? Because even though it's true, Corolla sucked that teat dry long ago.

qwanty said...

Okay lady, because you haven't replied to my comment and explained the reason for the show's end, I had to ask google. I gave up pretty quickly, but not before learning that AC will have a daily podcast at CarollaRadio.com. I hope you can take a little bit of comfort in this. Really :-)

I would like to hear your thoughts on why you love Adam Corolla. Because I love you I want to understand why you love him. I'm willing to accept that maybe I've been wrong about him and that maybe throwing a balloon full of room temperature bisque at his big head wouldn't actually be all that satisfying, seeing as he might be a really good guy and all.

KRD said...

I wasn't mad about your comments at all, Qwanty. More, I have been attempting to figure out why he might be number 2 on your List of Celebrities [You] Would Like to Throw a Water Balloon Full of Tepid Soup At. Really, much of what he says is smart and sound (which is not to say that I agree with everything, but I like the way that he uses logic, in general).

You are right, he does have an unnatural hatred of Steve Miller, but the fact that he continues to talk about it may be related to the fact that 1) it continues to be true and 2) radio continues to play him, even though there isn't a one of us who needs to hear anymore Steve Miller. And listen, I'm going to cop to owning the Best of the Steve Miller Band. I own the Best of Chicago too--but that doesn't mean that I listen to either one of them, or think that it is ok to. Here's the thing--the fact that he rants about the same things for years cannot be what you don't like about him, since you and I have been talking about the same shit for 20 years. (Yes, I said it, 20 years.)

But bottom line, there is a lot of common sense to this man. And, as I said, he appears to be a really loyal guy. I don't know. If you don't get it, you don't get it, and we can totally agree to disagree. It doesn't make me want to throw a balloon of lukewarm chowder at you or anything.

Old Man Duggan said...

Not that I listen(ed) to his radio show, but I did really like him on Loveline. And "The Man Show" transgression notwithstanding, I think he is generally fairly smart while being very much the pragmatist.