05 June 2009

Update on My Viewing Practices

Last night, when I couldn't do anything, due to the fact that I am having some fairly major allergy-related breathing problems, I watched a few more episodes of The Wire. Since several of you seem interested, here are some thoughts (keep in mind that I am watching the second half of the second season:*

1. Ziggy and the duck. That is just sort of horrible and depressing.

2. I am noticing the soundrack more this season than in the first. I especially love the use of the Pogues in that scene where McNulty is doing some drunk driving. Terrific. It might have been in the same episode with Prez listening to Johnny Cash. (For the record, Prez is one of my favorite characters.)

3. Speaking of the Nult: I don't know that I think that the guy (and by "the guy" I mean the actor, but I ALSO mean the character) is that hot, but he consistently has very hot-looking sex. With lots of different women. The show does a good job of choreographing sex in general.

4. Brother Mouzone scares the bejeezus out of me. I find it particularly impressive that he makes his henchmen carry his books for him. THAT is evil genius.

*If'n you are not interested, or don't care about The Wire feel free to skip this posting.


Marcus said...

Enjoy the McNulty sex while you can. He gets fewer ladies as the show progresses (and after season two, the gratuitous nudity becomes quite scarce, as I recall).

Prez is great. Brother M is a puppy dog. And let's see if Omar becomes your favorite character...I'm guessing he will.

I'm still not sure whether Ziggy is an actual character or if the actor is just being himself. So he's either genius or plain terrible.

Season two is the least acclaimed of the five, by the way. Kind of like Michael Jordan's jump shot--when that's your fifth option, well, yeah.

Old Man Duggan said...

Simon and Co. reused James Ransone (Ziggy) in "Generation Kill" and he was great.

Omar should already be your favorite character.

fsk said...

Yeah, Omar is probably one of my favorites. It gets hard to choose after a while. Prez is a good one (could say more, but won't!).
I am curious to see the evolution of your view of McNulty's hotness (or if there is one), sex or not. He did have some good scenes early in the show, it's true.

KRD said...

1. I am truly ambivalent on the issue of McNulty's sexiness. But I think that I'm interested in seeing how my relationship to it progresses. I'll keep you updated, Felisa.

2. I might actually have to watch Generation Kill now, just to see that guy in something else. I'm skeptical.

3. Omar cannot be my favorite character on this show. He's everyone's favorite character. I believe that he's a remarkable character. I talk about him every time I talk to anyone about the show. I get bummed out when an episode goes by that he is not in. But he can't be my favorite. Marcus, you of all people should understand this about me.