03 July 2008

Thanks A Lot. No, I Mean It. Thanks.

No Qwanty. Other people don't know about my weird Hogan's Heroes fetish. But thank you for mentioning it in front of my vast readership. Because that is so something that I wanted everyone to know about.

For clarification, I had a crush on that guy when I was about 6, and it was LONG before I knew about his whole porn connection. Now I feel appropriately grossed out by him.

But it is true that I have a thing about the film Pi and, really, any film where there is footage of a man shaving his head (as heartbreaking as the scene is, I also think that Luke Wilson's suicide attempt scene in The Royal Tenenbaums is hot).

I don't know where this comes from. I realize that it is disturbing. I also am not sure how this fits in with/conflicts with the problem with men's grooming. Maybe head-shaving seems uber-masculine to me. That's got to be it. You have to be a real man to take a razor to your head.

The John Malkovich thing I can neither confirm nor deny.


qwanty said...

Ahem. Other people DO know about your weird Hogan's Heroes fetish. It's your #4 item in your "10 Weird Things About Me" blog, back from the days when you were on Myspace.


Your Loyalest of Readers

KRD said...

Really? I can't believe I did that. Why was I NOT embarrassed about that fact a year ago? Because I certainly am now. My apologies, Loyalest of Readers.

jbro said...

Oh puuulease having a crush on some former porn star is no big; I think my undeniable lust for the The Two Coreys beats that shit out any day. Those guys wish they could be porn stars, no really Haim could use the money.

...And yes I have been watching the new season.