29 June 2008

Tender Austin Thoughts

Tonight, for the second night in a row, I found myself at Rio Rita's at 1:45, vodka tonic in hand. No one really plans for that sort of thing, but there were several jokes made (at my expense) about how this might where to find me every night for the next three weeks.

What I realized, joking aside, is there are a few things that I truly would like to import to Portland when I leave Austin. The list isn't long, but these are the things that I wish I could take with me:

1) Rio Rita's.

2) Flightpath.

3) The HRC reading room.

4) Breakfast tacos.

5) Rebecca and Laura.

6) Gus and his family.

7) My pool.

Knowing that you are leaving someplace for good--even if you sort of hate that place--does make the sweet things all the sweeter.

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