02 June 2008

This One Goes Out to the One--

QWANTY! I do believe that today is your special day. You are officially "older than Jesus". Congratulations.

Qwanty and I haven't spent either of our birthdays together in a long, long time, but we already had made a lifetime's worth of birthday memories in our youth.

Like the time that we rode around in a limo listening to the audio tape of the Singing Nun she bought me for my 16th birthday.

Or the time we went to Who Song and Larry's with her parents and her lame boyfriend Ryan and I walked out of the bathroom with toilet paper on my shoe (god bless Rick, he was the thing that MOST redeemed that night).

Or the time that Qwanty and her ex-hubbie took me out to her brother-in-law's restaurant and she got so drunk on gin from Eric's flask that she slid under the table before we even ate.

Ahhhh. Good times.


qwanty said...

Wow. That time I slid under the table was YOUR BIRTHDAY? I am a horrible friend. What about the time I gave you that framed picture of Sting and that little book? Why can't you remember THAT Qwanty?

I feel so special. A whole Make-Ready devoted just to me!

laura, the anti-blog said...

so, what, you're really going to make me read your blog as a means of long-distance communication? you know how much i hate your blog. :) whatever happened to the telephone???

KRD said...

Qwanty is right. One birthday she gave me the hottest ever framed picture of young Sting. I still have it. We had many, many fun birthdays together. I'm just glad that I can laugh about that sliding under the table thing now.

And don't worry about Laura's grumpy post. She just misses me---