26 June 2008

For You,

James: Thank you for mentioning Robert Culp. I don't think about him often enough.

J-Bro: Missed you before I left.

Some Occasional Reader: I thought that you would appreciate the fact that I went out for a drink tonight and ran into a friend who was wearing patchouli and he wrote down his number for me on a piece of paper that totally smells of it . . . I sort of smell of it too, because he hugged me. (It does linger, does it not?)

Congratulations to Mullins. Damn it. Is there anything that girl can't do? It's depressing for the rest of us who are wondering what we are doing with our lives . . .

Also, I suggest that all of you read Qwanty's blog about smelly boys and Tom Waits. As usual, she is brilliant and insightful. She's sort of preoccupied with her lady-parts these days, but she has good reason, so give her a break.


KRD said...

The June 21st post.

james said...

I think about Robert Culp enough for the both of us. For all of us.