13 October 2008

Thanks for the comments, guys.

I actually feel like the two comments on my last post deserve a post of their own. So, here are my thoughts.

Felisa: I can't remember ever really disagreeing with you, about anything, ever. But I have to disagree about the Pitt. Going the way of Redford does, indeed, mean aging badly. My theory on this is very simple, if you are a too-pretty man (and this seems to particularly afflict blondes for some reason) you may be a beautiful young man, but you are not likely to age well. I have never been a big Brad Pitt fan and I have said for years that I thought that his looks would not hold up over time. Here is where I must really disagree with you--although I have not seen the film yet (Burn Before Reading), I have seen the previews both on TV and on the big screen. And I don't think that the guy's skin looks good. He looks sort of haggard and he's starting to look weathered. And not in a good Steve-McQueen-Paul-Newman (rest his soul)-Clint-Eastwood kind of way. But in a sad, I-remember-how-good-looking-he-was-in-The-Natural Robert Redford kind of way. Except I never really thought all that highly of the Pitt.

OMD: Yes, I have heard the same rumor about Dr. Pepper promising every American (with the exception of Slash and Buckethead. Which is pretty funny.) a free can of soda if Chinese Democracy actually would come out in 2008. I didn't repeat the story because:

1. I don't know if it is true, or some kind of weird urban legend. And I don't like being responsible for the propagation of an urban legend.

2. I can't imagine how Dr. Pepper would go about distributing a free can of Dr. Pepper to every American.

3. I only care about the story if they will give me my choice of a diet Dr. Pepper. But I kind of doubt it, since diet soda pop is not very rock n roll.

I do think that the whole thing is pretty funny--even if (or especially if) it is all a big hoax. If it isn't, I do think that we should hold Dr. Pepper responsible for the offer.

Now that I think about it, I wouldn't put it past Axl Rose to have finally allowed the album out of the box just to call Dr. Pepper's bluff.

Ok, but really, Dr. Pepper?!!? It's just so freaking random.


jbro said...

Okay if you read my comment to your last post it will make you laugh, because we say the same things, which is funny and kind of annoying...also I heard that the word "random" is the most used word outside of "like" on that show The Hills, I'm just saying...

BTW, what do you think of Eclipse?

KRD said...

I have never, ever, ever seen The Hills--not even 30 seconds of it. And I resent the fact that I know any of those idiots' names, but I do and I could probably pick them out of a lineup too. That is upsetting.

Nevertheless, I do think that it is perfectly legitimate to describe the alleged Dr. Pepper offer as random. Also, it has occurred to me that the genius that came up with this offer likely will find himself without a job come November 24th.

(I read Eclipse on Sunday. It was a quick read. I liked it fine, but I thought that the whole Wuthering Heights analogy was sort of heavy handed. Even for a YA book. It also reminded me of that one guy that we both know--)

Old Man Duggan said...
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Old Man Duggan said...

All right, I tried posting this once which did not work as I'd hoped. Here goes again (in three parts)...

Not sure why Reuter's would like, but I don't think it's a hoax.