09 June 2010

Aw, Hell No!

Fair warning: this is going to be a post full of complaints.

1. In response to James's meditation on the remake of KK: I am totally with you. I have not blogged about this travesty for the very reason that I also have no intentions of seeing this. My issues, dear James, are slightly different from yours (although we do overlap on the red leather jacket). For one thing, why is the karate kid (oops! the Kung Fu Kid!) 12? I mean, the original film was a teen flick. Jaden Smith is not a teen. Ergo, this is not a teen flick. What's with that? If they had to have him, couldn't they have waited until he hit 16? It would have given Chan a few years to age too, and that couldn't hurt. I don't share your feelings about Jaden Smith though. I mean, he is the offspring of two of the most adorable people on Earth (even though I have a sneaking suspicion that Jada is not a very nice person). He is also adorable. But he's too young for this film. It is silly.

Also, I agree, Chan is no Miyagi. What is KK without Bonsai? Without catching flies with chopsticks? Without Southern California and a lot full of cars that may or may not run? Without a heart wrenching back story about a lost Japanese love? Without saki?

It's all crap. What's with Hollywood and remakes anyway? I know so many damn writers, some of them really talented, who could tell new stories, but we get this rehash. What's the point? It is so, so, so not interesting and not creative. Grrr.

2. The Pac 16? With Tejas and Oklahoma? Screw that. To quote my niece, "Are they even being serious right now?" Listen. I get the fact that it will bring better money, better television time, more prestige to the conference. I also get the fact that this could lay groundwork for several "superconferences" that could lead to some kind of actual playoff/national championship football situation. I also get that there would likely be two divisions that would return us to, for all intents and purposes, a Pac 8 situation. (Arizona and Arizona state would form the B division with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, A & M, Tech and, probably, Baylor.) Those are pluses. I can't deny it. But I cannot get behind anything that ties the Oregon schools to the Texas and Oklahoma schools. On principle. Is that narrow minded and regionalist of me? Hell, yes. But the truth is, I don't want Texas anywhere near my Pacific anything. (By the way, we are going to be screwed when the state of Texas secedes from the union. We'll end up the Pac-13. And that just doesn't make any sense.)

3. If Paul Allen is going to fire Kevin Pritchard, I wish he'd just do it. I'm tired of the speculation already. There's been too much upheaval in the Oregon sporting world already this year (by the way, thank the sports gods that Masoli was stupid enough to get busted for what was reported to be a tiny possession charge. He only would have proven a distraction this coming year.). Just get rid of K.P. (without the blessing of the majority of Blazer fans) and name his replacement so that we can all get on with our lives.

4. And I can't believe I am saying this, but PLEASE, PLEASE could we get some warmer and sunnier weather?! I mean, you all know that I love rain more than most, but I do recognize that Oregonians need a few good months of sun in the summer. And I am good with that. Besides, I can't get a damn thing done with sheets of rain coming down all the time. It has been a miserable couple of months, and even the heartiest of us are starting to get a little down.

That's about it. For today. Feel free to leave your personal bitchfest in my comments section. Lord knows I deserve to have to listen to them!


James said...

Wow, I felt sort of bad for pushing you into a topic, but I'm glad you have strong opinions about it. I think over the past 5 years there has been a shift from the teen to the tween market, which is great for Disney and pedophiles, but not for anyone else. I would say we are in a tween exploitation phase, sort of how in the 1950s and 60s there was a teen exploitation phase. I guess the biggest problem with this is tweens aren't necessarily being portrayed as a unique age group, but like smaller teenagers. I imagine that somewhere right now, an executive is being pitched the idea for a remake of The Breakfast Club, and he's making a note, "Can we make the cast younger?"

KRD said...

NO! I was glad to talk about it. And it is funny, because I was totally thinking exactly what you say here about the tween market. (Mostly I just got sort of lazy and didn't finish my thought about it.)

BUT, one thing that your comment also made me think about is that Twilight, as much as I hate to admit it, is actually true to the teen film genre. It pulls in an audience of tweens, but it doesn't do it in that Disney-fied, Hannah Montana, i-Carly kind of way. As a fan of the genre, I have to respect that.

James said...

I think I may try to watch the Twilight movies when they are all on DVD or cable. I got the impression from quotes and text tattoos and whatnot that the source material isn't very good, which doesn't necessarily mean the movie will be bad, but from what I've heard, both the Twilight movies and books are pretty bad. However, we also have to give them props for getting a whole section in Hot Topic in such a short period of time. It's also a good source of internet memes.

Text tattoos: http://twilightguide.com/tg/2009/04/14/twilight-inspired-tattoos/

Jacob/alpaca: http://totallylookslike.com/2010/04/23/jacob-black-taylor-lautner-totally-looks-like-alpaca/

KRD said...

Ha! Ha ha! You should watch the movies. The second one is better than the first. I figured out why. MUCH MUCH less R-Pat. That guy is tiresome.

It is always good to know what all the fuss is about . . .