30 March 2009

Quick Thoughts

Make of them what you will:

1. My current favorite song is the acoustic version of "Overkill" by Men at Work (actually, originally by Men at Work. This version just by the lead singer guy, Colin Hay.). I'm listening to it on repeat over and over. I think it might be brilliant, but I'm not sure what it is supposed to be about. What I get from it is that it is a discussion of thinking about something (I think a relationship) obsessively. And Colin Hay has a totally beautiful, weird voice. This song was also randomly part of a Scrubs episode from a couple of years ago. Listen to it. Or wait until January--this one will end up on my 2009 year-end mix.

2. In the midst of all the exciting things in my life (?), I totally forgot that Tricky was performing in town on Friday night, and I didn't get tickets, and I didn't go. I'm sort of sad about this. On the other hand, my experience with Tricky shows is kind of like that fairy tale in which the girl puts on those shoes and can't stop dancing and dances right to her death. Or like the Pied Piper leading all the children out of Hamlin. It's hypnotic. And I'm not easily suggestible.

3. I went and saw I Love You, Man today. It was disappointing, which is saying something, because I had super low expectations. What I realized is that I don't want to watch Paul Rudd play some milquetoast straightman for 2 hours. Paul Rudd without edge is just pretty. That is not enough, particularly when I know the edge is there to be had. Also, it is weirdly a romantic comedy, and that is, hands down, my least favorite genre of film. Yuk. I will say this though--I find humor centered on Rush fairly effective, as well as any running gag in which someone tries to do impressions/accents and always sounds the same. I do not, however, find Lou Ferringo humor funny in the least.

4. I am really angry that I am going to be forced to watch that X-Men Wolverine Origins nonsense film. I don't like comic-films (second least favorite film genre--after romantic comedies), but Liev Schreiber I love. And he's going to be all cat-like. So I have to see it, but I don't have to like the fact that I have to see it.

5. The Space Room is not the same since the smoking ban. It still has the best jukebox, cheapest drinks, and most accurate day-glo wall mural of the Portland skyline in town, but it isn't the same. How am I going to remember that I was even there in the morning if I can't smell the sin in my hair when I wake up?


fsk said...

I once saw Liev Schreiber in the Whole Foods in Union Square. It's basically the only celebrity sighting I've had after almost 4 years in New York, other than at actual events like plays. He was in the salad bar area.

KRD said...

To me, that would make the whole experience of living in New York worthwhile.

It is interesting too, because I think that the best place for celebrity sightings in Austin is Whole Foods.

Old Man Duggan said...

Hold on one fucking second here. You don't like Lou Ferrigno humor? What the fuck? Ricockulous.

qwanty said...

1) What? Men at Work? Why, just the other day there was a discussion RE: Men at Work going on over at Greagarious T. Cline's Wall. His FACEBOOK Wall, that is. Did I mention that I am his "friend"? And that I am now able to linger over pictures of his Thanksgiving turkey? I did? Well, that's because I am absolutely delighted by this. I'm making a collage.

2) What is a Tricky? I feel like I have this informationsomewhere in my brain, but I cannot access it because today has been very emotionally trying in a stunted qwanty way, and I am fresh outta brain space. Sounds like it was a good show.

3) I like Paul Rudd, too. We should watch Paul Rudd movies with Audie.

4)You don't like comic book movies? How are we even friends? Do you also not care for carefully organized collections of Ren and Stimpy cards housed in plastic sleeves in special binders? Gads.

5) Not only do I miss the smell of the Space Room, I have also bragged about the smell of the Space Room. BRAGGED. Of it's smelliness. As a means of demonstrating what a superior town Portland is. My Sainted Aunt, I miss it.

6) OMD. I love the ricockulous.

qwanty said...

I came here to say something else, but my word verification is "butsinin" and now I'm laughing too hard to remember why I'm here.

KRD said...

Nothing smelled as good as the Space Room. Nothing. Nothing tastes as good as their Bloody Marys with the weird sesame seeds floating around the fishbowl they give you for a glass. Also--I saw that bouncer guy (the one who was not BLT) from BOG there. He was singing along to Neil Diamond. (What was his name? The one who looked like a really big, jolly devil?)

Also, earlier in the evening Jane and myself also ran into Pete Krebs (!) who was playing a set at the bar we were at BEFORE the Space Room.

Sometimes I watch Clueless just to see the scene at almost the end of the film where Cher and Josh realize they like each other and kiss on the stairs. Paul Rudd was super dreamy in that movie. Super. Dreamy. That does seem like a good thing to expose your youngster to.

I do not care for Ren and Stimpy cards, but I do care sometimes for people who place mint Ren and Stimpy cards carefully into plastic sleeves in special binders.

qwanty said...

Are you awake? CAN I CALL YOU?

KRD said...

Consider: Ferrigno has profound hearing loss and a speech impediment. He never won Mr. Olympia, which was his big life dream. He is best known for playing what is basically a non-speaking role where he is anger personified. (And not just anger generally, but Bill Bixby's anger. How lame is that?) For G--'s sake man, have you never seen Pumping Iron?

This guy is such an underdog--I just have a hard time being down for a bunch of random humor at his expense.

(I'm really sensitive about speech impediments too. My dad told a joke about a stutterer one time and I actually started crying. I'm not sure what that is about--)

KRD said...

I am awake. You can call me.

Marcus said...

Ooh! Did you two talk on the phone?!? How did this end???

Old Man Duggan said...

One: I do not find the humor in the film as being at Lou Ferrigno's expense, but rather as glorifying the awesomeness of Ferrigno.

Two: If someone is hearing impaired, I do not consider any oddness in speech as a speech impediment, but rather as a byproduct of the deafness. Semantics, perhaps, but I'd hate to think that people are getting two poor-mes out of one impediment.

Three: Dude can kick anyone's ass. Hard to feel bad for someone that can throttle you.

qwanty said...

I can't quite recall how it ended, Marcus, but I do know it was punctuated by laughter at your expense.


KRD said...

1. It is an awfully fine line.

2. If I implied a "poor me" for his deafness, I didn't mean to. It was reserved for the speech thing.

3. I knew that would be your comeback. It's such a dude thing to say. Brawn, in and of itself, does not constitute the whole of someone's place in a social hierarchy. It's possible to feel sympathy for someone who is more attractive, richer, or more popular than you are. I suppose it is even possible to have sympathy for someone who is smarter, but I find that a little more difficult.

Old Man Duggan said...

Speaking as the weak, dumb, ugly, and poor guy, it is not possible.

KRD said...

That is complete misrepresentation.