24 March 2009

Take note

You know what's weird? When some guy from Engineering hits on a lady during a teaching seminar. I would not think that would be a good place to find ladies. 1. You are both under fluorescent lights--which, as we all know, are very unflattering. 2. You are in close proximity to a lot of other, really, really bored people who are likely to notice you touching said lady's knee repeatedly, when there is no discernible reason to do so. 3. There is no alcohol present. 4. If said lady does not return your advances (and how could she, given the circumstances?!), you have to avoid eye contact when you see her on campus for the foreseeable future.

Someone needs to send a memo to Engineering.


qwanty said...

Did you have another day of the seminar? Did Pervy McKneetouch keep trying to grope you?

KRD said...

I did. He acted like we were old friends. Not really pervy though. Nice. But the context was weird.